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Do you want to grow your revenue and expand your business? Marketing automation can help. Our team has expertise with all the major platforms such as Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot or MailChimp. We can help with launching campaigns, automating workflows and much, much more. Every action we take will be focused on building your business, engaging your customers and increasing your value.

Marketing Strategy

Need help generating more leads? Affirma is a full service marketing firm that can help you with strategy and execution. We’ll pinpoint the right platforms and strategy for your business to take. Whether it’s through email, search engine advertising, or other marketing platforms, we’ll get the right strategy for you.

Search Engine Marketing and Advertising

Our team of SEM and PPC experts can build out your next campaign. We can work through both Google Adwords or Microsoft Bing, and our certified experts will help you find your customers, generate leads, and grow your revenue. We can handle each part of your campaign, from finding keywords to designing landing pages and tracking conversions.

Content Marketing

In a world filled with adblockers and spam filters, it is harder than ever to reach your consumers. Content marketing brings your customers to you by delivering valued and useful content. Our team of content marketers will craft you quality content that wins you leads and business. We’re fully experienced and certified in creating blog posts, articles, white papers and ebooks.


Affirma is a company built around customer satisfaction. We believe it is the lifeblood of a sustainable software services business.

This ultra-high customer satisfaction rate is only possible because we have an organization that is zealously dedicated to customer satisfaction. The CEO, the executives, project managers, developers, testers, account managers all have customer satisfaction as the #1 metric on their scorecard.

At Affirma, we can proudly attest that your satisfaction is our #1 goal. We hope you’ll give us a chance to partner with you and prove it to you as we have for hundreds of our other clients.

Since 2014, 98% of project customers surveyed responded that they were “Likely” or “Very Likely” to work with Affirma again. That’s a 98% satisfaction rating!

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