Why You Need to Move your Email to Exchange Online

3 Major Benefits of Exchange Online, and Why You Need to Move your Email to the Cloud Functionality, Security, Cost   The Current Email Situation If your business is still using a free email service, or an email service based On-Prem, it’s time to seriously consider moving your operations to the cloud. Before we discuss the

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Housing Authority of Snohomish County Case Study

Housing Authority of Snohomish County SharePoint Case Study The Housing Authority of Snohomish County (HASCO), an institution dedicated to providing affordable housing in Snohomish County, wanted to redesign the look and feel of their existing SharePoint intranet portal. HASCO wanted their SharePoint intranet to better reflect their identity of a community builder. HASCO is dedicated

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How Your Intranet Can Lead to Better Sales

How Your Intranet can lead to Better Sales Sales. The word conjures up images of smug car salesmen or corporate executives cutting deals over golf. But as popular as these views may be in our media, the reality of modern sales is quite different. If the business of sales used to be built on charm

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