How Your Intranet Can Lead to Better Sales

How Your Intranet can lead to Better Sales Sales. The word conjures up images of smug car salesmen or corporate executives cutting deals over golf. But as popular as these views may be in our media, the reality of modern sales is quite different. If the business of sales used to be built on charm

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Three Ways Business Intelligence in Education Brings Results

Three Ways that Business Intelligence in Education Leads to Results Business intelligence (BI), or the discovery and interpretation of large data sets, is an important factor in nearly every 21st century industry. Industries as varied as healthcare, manufacturing or even professional sports, have embraced the insights that come with implementing its principles. Business intelligence in education

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Lake Chelan Community Hospital Case Study

Lake Chelan Community Hospital Case Study: Lake Chelan Community Hospital (LCCH), a healthcare provider in North Central Washington, needed to move their email data from IPSwitch to Microsoft’s Office 365. LCCH’s existing email solution was not compatible with Windows 10 and Office 2016, which caused disruptions for several staff members. LCCH wanted to keep its

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