Power BI vs Tableau

Power BI vs Tableau? Which Business Intelligence Software is Right for your Business? For businesses operating in today’s modern climate, analytics has gone from a novel indulgence to a staple necessity. Businesses in every field and industry are realizing the benefits of an inspired implementation of business intelligence. Whether it’s a more accurate reading of

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Affirma Named Best SharePoint Consultant

Affirma Rated as Best SharePoint Consulting Company Affirma was named the best SharePoint consulting company by Best Web Design Agencies, an independent evaluator of web design agencies. They ranked Affirma first, out of 10 total companies. Best Web Design Agencies also gave Affirma an overall score of 100% (out of 100). How They Were Graded Best Web Design

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Using Custom Software to Help your Business

Using Customized Software to Grow your Business Why Customize my Software? The most obvious benefit of custom software development is that the software of your business will be customized entirely to cater to your specific needs. Much like a tailored suit fits an individual body better than one off the shelf, customized software is contoured

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