Increase your Online Presence with a Mobile App

How to Build your Online Presence with a Mobile App Americans are increasingly looking to their phones to consume information, make purchases, and find entertainment. The average American now spends over two hours a day on their mobile phones, with some checking it as often as once an hour. Americans also now spend more time

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Microsoft’s Azure Ends MPSA Pricing Flexibility

Microsoft’s Ends MPSA Azure Cloud Services Pricing Flexibility In an effort to streamline their commercial licensing, Microsoft is ending Azure’s Pay-As-You-Go option for new MPSA (Microsoft Products and Services Agreement) customers. The payment plan previously allowed MPSA customers to pay only for the Azure resources they consumed, and Microsoft prominently marketed this pricing flexibility. However,

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Affirma Named Best Enterprise Web Designer

Affirma Rated as Best Enterprise Web Designer Affirma was named the best enterprise web design company by Best Web Design Agencies, an independent evaluator of web design agencies. They ranked Affirma first, out of 10 total companies. Best Web Design Agencies also gave Affirma an overall score of 100% (out of 100). How They Were Graded Best Web Design Agencies grades

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