Can Single Sign On (SSO) help your Business?

Is Single Sign On Right for your Business? Businesses increasingly rely on multiple usernames and passwords for their employees to access their accounts. It is common for many employees to enter three to four different passwords in a single day. For many people, memorizing so many different password and username combination is a draining task.

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The Best Ways to Use Business Intelligence Consultants

Contracting or Collaborating? How to Best Utilize Business Intelligence Consultants For organizations that struggle to interpret or comprehend their data, accurate analytic conclusions or reports are difficult to create. In these situations, data can often become a distraction. Fortunately, organizations can utilize business intelligence (BI) consultants in ways that greatly aid their data reading endeavors.

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Importance of Pre-Interview Screening

The Importance of Pre-Interview Screening The costs of poor hiring decisions can be devastating for a work place. In order to better operate a smooth and consistent working environment, as well as avoid toxic employees; recruiting  departments need to address questions of fit and compatibility with prospective hires. Proper and diligent use of pre-interview screenings

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