Importance of Pre-Interview Screening

The Importance of Pre-Interview Screening The costs of poor hiring decisions can be devastating for a work place. In order to better operate a smooth and consistent working environment, as well as avoid toxic employees; recruiting  departments need to address questions of fit and compatibility with prospective hires. Proper and diligent use of pre-interview screenings

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TenEleven Solves Healthcare Business Intelligence Needs

TenEleven Group, Healthcare Business Intelligence TenEleven Group, a healthcare company specializing in behavior health, needed to better understand their current data bases. They felt that building a data warehouse could help them in their analysis and interpretation. A data warehouse would allow them to manage their overlapping data in one location. Although TenEleven did have their

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5 Reasons to Move Your SharePoint to the Cloud

Does moving your SharePoint to the Cloud make sense for your business? If you are on the fence about migrating your on-premises SharePoint farm to SharePoint Online in Office 365, or if you previously decided against migrating to the cloud, it may be a good time to evaluate your options. As SharePoint Online has become

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