Your entire company needs CRM, not just the sales team

As businesses become more customer-oriented, the need to have all functional areas of your organization connected to your customer intelligence is more critical than ever. Businesses are under pressure to create outstanding customer experiences, or watch their competitors beat them to it. Many businesses are now centralizing their data and integrating their departments and teams,

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Is My Company Ready For Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a process that delivers the right message to the right audience at the right stage in their buying process. However, without a defined marketing and sales process, marketing automation can end up like trying to get to a destination without a map. Here are 2 questions you can ask to evaluate your

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Best Practices for Your Candidate Sourcing

Many companies have a system for hiring that starts with popular career websites like Craigslist and Monster, for example. However, there are many companies that are back to the resume search in a few months time. Posting is just the beginning of candidate sourcing. If your company follows and integrates a clearer purpose and search

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