Comparing Leaders in Marketing Automation

One of my earlier blog posts entitled Personalizing Mass Communication with Marketing Automation touched on the value of marketing automation programs. Now with a basic understanding of how marketing automation operates, let’s now compare the solutions top marketing automation vendors have to offer. Marketing automation software is a red-hot product geared toward sales and marketing teams that

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Identity Management Package Expands IT Mobility

Microsoft’s infrastructure IT software called Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is the cornerstone of identity management. This intuitive software bundles together an Azure Active Directory premium account, Intune and Azure Rights management, all of which are explained below. This triad of features can extend the limits of the workplace, and an Affirma Azure consultant can help

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Real-World Business Intelligence Project in Pokémon GO

If you find the inner-workings of big data analytics to be mind boggling, you are not alone. The limitlessness of big data is incomprehensible in and of itself, but programs like Power BI Desktop, Hadoop and many others can help you harness important data and take action on it. These intuitive programs can be applied

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