5 Tips to Improve your Enterprise Data Integrity

Your team needs data to make critical decisions and run your business.  When you’re in that critical meeting where someone is making a case for a bold, new initiative, nothing is worse than when the credibility of the data starts to get questioned.   The meeting falls flat.  The decision gets tabled.  And like many

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Sharepoint Public Website End of Life

Microsoft announced the deprecation of SharePoint Online Public Website feature as of January. Microsoft has stated that existing customers will be able to continue using the feature for at least 2 years.  In the meantime, customers using Sharepoint Online (O365) to host their public website will need to consider migration options. However, the challenges of

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Undermining the Executive Scorecard

There comes a time in every growing company where the managers and executives need to start making decisions based on facts and data rather than gut feel and emotions.  Typically, there is a large-scale investment in business intelligence in order to collect, process, and consume data in a meaningful way.  Unfortunately, there are a slew

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