Sitefinity v. WordPress, Which is Right for You?

Sitefinity or WordPress Which Content Management System is Right for You? In the world of site building, it can be tough to know which content management system is right for you. A content management system, or CMS, is a platform that allows you to quickly and easily manage web content. Each CMS is different, and

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Using Search Terms to Read your Customers

The Importance of Studying your Search Terms in PPC Campaigns Search queries lie at the heart of every PPC campaign. After all, your customer’s searches are what literally drive each of your campaigns. Yet, despite their obvious importance, many businesses fail to regularly monitor and learn from their customer’s search terms. Your PPC campaign’s search

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How Much is My SharePoint Migration Going to Cost?

How Much is My SharePoint Migration Going to Cost? For those planning on a SharePoint migration, few things are as frustrating as finding an accurate price estimate. It may seem like every vendor you talk to only says the same thing, “it depends”. Sadly, it’s because SharePoint migrations are projects with many different moving parts

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