How PPC Advertising Can Energize your Small Business

Pay Per Click and Smaller Businesses Small to mid-size businesses can struggle with developing a large enough following for advertising to be successful. A small company of less than 100 employees for example, may openly question how they could hope to compete with the massive advertising budgets of global conglomerates. In that case, is advertising

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3 Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft’s Windows 10

3 Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft’s Windows 10 As Microsoft’s Windows 7 inches ever closer to its 2020 end of life date, Windows 7 users have had to weight the decision to migrate to a new operating system. While each migration has its own challenges and obstacles, a move to Windows 10 will bring a

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Affirma Named a Top Software Development Company by Clutch

Recently, Clutch announced the top software developers in Seattle. We are proud to announce that based on Clutch’s research and rating methodology, we are one of the top development companies in the region! Clutch is a national B2B research firm that conducts market research and analyzes data in the technology industry. They provide in-depth evaluations

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