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The Long-Term Effects of Bad Data Migration

By Patrick Foster, Ecommercetips  No matter how carefully you prepare and attempt to future-proof your setup, you can’t realistically keep a business running on the same system indefinitely. Sooner or later the industry around you will change to the extent that the underlying architecture can’t keep up, you’ll want to move to a new system, 

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Addressing Remote DBA Concerns

Addressing Remote DBA Service Concerns Organizations thinking about moving over to a remote DBA service often have questions and concerns about how a remote DBA will affect them. We’ve listed some of the most common concerns, and how using a remote DBA can help your organization.   I have a full-time DBA to prevent potential

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Affirma’s Remote DBA Service Offering

The Benefits of Remote DBA Service: At a Fraction of the Price Affirma Consulting provides remote database administration services within two separate service packages. The two packages are differentiated in the scope and scale of their services. The packages offered are the Basic DBA Service and the Premium DBA Service.   Basic DBA Service The

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Why You Should Hire a Database Administrator (DBA)

Why you Should Hire a Database Administrator (DBA) Nearly every business today makes use of databases. Whether it’s to store client data, sales information, or internal files, modern businesses run on data. Despite this, many businesses still do not use database administrators or administration. Some businesses see a database administrator, or DBA, as an unnecessary

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Microsoft Releases Power BI Premium

Microsoft Releases New Power BI Premium Service With its introduction in 2015, Microsoft’s Power BI quickly changed the world of business intelligence. Power BI’s simplicity and reasonable pricing, led to its quick use and growth among hundreds of thousands of organizations. As Power BI’s audience of users grows, so too, does the need for performances

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Twin Rivers Unified School District Case Study

Twin Rivers Unified School District Case Study The Twin Rivers Unified School District (TRUSD) wanted to develop an analytical system that would provide key performance indicator (KPI) data in an accessible format. TRUSD already recorded significant KPI data on a variety of different categories such as enrollment, attendance and assessments. The Twin Rivers Unified School

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Three Ways Business Intelligence in Education Brings Results

Three Ways that Business Intelligence in Education Leads to Results Business intelligence (BI), or the discovery and interpretation of large data sets, is an important factor in nearly every 21st century industry. Industries as varied as healthcare, manufacturing or even professional sports, have embraced the insights that come with implementing its principles. Business intelligence in education

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Gartner Names Microsoft, Qlik and Tableau as Industry Leaders

Gartner Magic Quadrant Names Microsoft, Qlik and Tableau as Industry Leaders In its yearly survey of business intelligence (BI) software, Gartner named Microsoft, Qlik and Tableau to its leader quadrant of BI providers. The leader quadrant represents those BI vendors who have achieved the highest rankings in both complete vision and ability to execute. Out

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Power BI vs Tableau

Power BI vs Tableau? Which Business Intelligence Software is Right for your Business? For businesses operating in today’s modern climate, analytics has gone from a novel indulgence to a staple necessity. Businesses in every field and industry are realizing the benefits of an inspired implementation of business intelligence. Whether it’s a more accurate reading of

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Using Microsoft’s Power BI to Drive SCCM

Melding Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence and System Center Configuration Manager to Discover your Data Analytics has become a popular business buzzword used to promise everything from improved workflow to increased revenue. But beneath the jargon and lofty promises, the fact remains that data is only as useful as it is translated correctly. Although many businesses

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