How Healthcare CRM can save Money and Lives

CRM in Healthcare: Helping Hospitals Save Time, Money, and Lives What is CRM? Customer relationship management (CRM) applications, are technologies which assist organizations in the monitoring and management of customer interactions and records. CRM use can range from programs that measure and record all of a customer’s previous purchases or interactions with a business, to

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Salesforce or Dynamics, Which is Right for You?

Which CRM System is Right for You? So you’ve read about all the benefits of implementing CRM, and decided to implement a customer relationship manager (CRM) for your organization. But which platform is the best fit for your business? Microsoft’s Dynamics or Salesforce? Dynamics or Salesforce? This is probably the most commonly asked question by decision

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How CRM Can Help your Business Retain Customers

How CRM Can Help your Business Retain Customers Loyal Customers Are Engaged Customers For every successful business, customer loyalty and customer retention lie at the heart of their success. No business can build a successful foundation without strong customer loyalty. Loyal customers are engaged customers, and engaged customers mean better business at every step of

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