Salesforce Announces New Einstein AI

On September 19, 2016, Salesforce announced new, machine-learning artificial intelligence (AI) called Salesforce Einstein. The goal for Salesforce Einstein is to learn from human behavior to predict and personalize the customer service experience in sales, marketing, service, and more. Salesforce AI also automates repetitive, time-consuming processes while looking for new ways to attract and retain

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Your entire company needs CRM, not just the sales team

As businesses become more customer-oriented, the need to have all functional areas of your organization connected to your customer intelligence is more critical than ever. Businesses are under pressure to create outstanding customer experiences, or watch their competitors beat them to it. Many businesses are now centralizing their data and integrating their departments and teams,

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3 Major Mistakes to Avoid With Your CRM System

Understanding the value of engaging and closing sales through customer relationship management, or CRM, can help create healthy leads, organize important sales metrics and steadily increase sales – if used correctly. Great businesses start with great processes, and technology simply brings them to life. Here are 3 mistakes that should be avoided when deciding how

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