How to Prepare Your Company for Windows 7 End of Life

With Windows 7 “end of life” quickly approaching, it is vital for businesses to come up with strategies to help transition their computer operating systems to the latest version – Windows 10. However, upgrading to a newer operating system at scale poses significant challenges. For one, it requires a lot of time to update every

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3 Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft’s Windows 10

3 Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft’s Windows 10 As Microsoft’s Windows 7 inches ever closer to its 2020 end of life date, Windows 7 users have had to weight the decision to migrate to a new operating system. While each migration has its own challenges and obstacles, a move to Windows 10 will bring a

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Why You Need to Move your Email to Exchange Online

3 Major Benefits of Exchange Online, and Why You Need to Move your Email to the Cloud Functionality, Security, Cost   The Current Email Situation If your business is still using a free email service, or an email service based On-Prem, it’s time to seriously consider moving your operations to the cloud. Before we discuss the

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How Your Intranet Can Lead to Better Sales

How Your Intranet can lead to Better Sales Sales. The word conjures up images of smug car salesmen or corporate executives cutting deals over golf. But as popular as these views may be in our media, the reality of modern sales is quite different. If the business of sales used to be built on charm

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Lake Chelan Community Hospital Case Study

Lake Chelan Community Hospital Case Study: Lake Chelan Community Hospital (LCCH), a healthcare provider in North Central Washington, needed to move their email data from IPSwitch to Microsoft’s Office 365. LCCH’s existing email solution was not compatible with Windows 10 and Office 2016, which caused disruptions for several staff members. LCCH wanted to keep its

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Gimmal and Affirma Consulting Enter New Partnership

New Partnership Between Gimmal and Affirma Consulting Affirma Consulting and Gimmal have agreed upon a new partnership that will center on implementing and marketing Gimmal’s Workplace for SAP program. Gimmal’s Workplace for SAP is a unique product that offers SAP users the ability to increase processing speed and reduce expenses by moving SAP content into

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Microsoft’s Azure Ends MPSA Pricing Flexibility

Microsoft’s Ends MPSA Azure Cloud Services Pricing Flexibility In an effort to streamline their commercial licensing, Microsoft is ending Azure’s Pay-As-You-Go option for new MPSA (Microsoft Products and Services Agreement) customers. The payment plan previously allowed MPSA customers to pay only for the Azure resources they consumed, and Microsoft prominently marketed this pricing flexibility. However,

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Can Single Sign On (SSO) help your Business?

Is Single Sign On Right for your Business? Businesses increasingly rely on multiple usernames and passwords for their employees to access their accounts. It is common for many employees to enter three to four different passwords in a single day. For many people, memorizing so many different password and username combination is a draining task.

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