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Increase your Online Presence with a Mobile App

How to Build your Online Presence with a Mobile App Americans are increasingly looking to their phones to consume information, make purchases, and find entertainment. The average American now spends over two hours a day on their mobile phones, with some checking it as often as once an hour. Americans also now spend more time

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Why Your Mobile Website Needs to Be a Mobile App

  In a day and age when taxi rides, ordering pizza and instant video messaging are all one tap away, it’s tough to stay competitive behind a web browser. Mobile users still use web browsers for many important functions, but the continual development of mobile app technology is slowly reducing its necessity.  Here are 3

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Mobile App Development Team Inspires “Waypoint M”

When two companies fuse into one, the details can get messy. One has all of its information stored in databases, and the other may have theirs stored elsewhere. Emails, contact info, customer relationship info, sales numbers – basically anything stored in a database can be easily lost in the process. Affirma was able to collect all

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Custom App Development Recognition

BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In the ever-expanding and highly competitive tech landscape of Seattle, Affirma, a professional services consulting firm, has been recognized as an innovative market leader in custom app development. This mobile app accolade was awarded by Clutch, an independent research company who identifies leading software service companies who deliver top results

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Google Prioritizes Mobile-Friendly Sites

After the stir caused by Panda and Penguin, the Mountain View giant has launched a new update to give mobile-friendly websites a big boost in search rankings. With the world gearing towards more “mobility”, it’s pretty obvious that Google would do something about it. In this post, we will be talking about the “what” and “why”

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Why Your Company Needs a Mobile App

The number of mobile users continue to increase every year. As a matter of fact, mobile finally overtook fixed internet in 2014.  With over 120 million smartphone users in the United States alone, companies both big and small are starting to incorporate mobility in their marketing strategies. With over 50% of all searches happening in a

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