Marin General Hospital SharePoint Case Study

Marin General Hospital SharePoint   Marin General Hospital, an award-winning facility in California, needed to increase their on-boarding efficiency. On average, Marin General Hospital adds a significant number of employees, volunteers and contractors each month. This can substantially increase during months in which events are held. However, the high volume of new hire information was

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Great Design and How it Increases SharePoint ROI

How User Experience, Governance and Information Architecture Can Increase your SharePoint ROI Microsoft’s SharePoint is one of the most successful enterprise-level collaboration platforms in the world. In its 14 years of existence, Microsoft reports that SharePoint has grown to more than 100 million users in the world. When properly utilized, SharePoint provides organizations with a secure,

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What are the Biggest Changes in SharePoint 2016?

What are the Biggest Changes for SharePoint 2016? Many users have questions and concerns revolving around Microsoft’s new SharePoint 2016. Some may already use SharePoint, and wonder if it is worth it to switch to a new version. Others may not use SharePoint currently, but are curious about what the new version holds. While I

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