Affirma Consulting Opens New Office in Dublin, Ireland

Affirma Consulting Opens Irish Office in Dublin Affirma Consulting opened their new Dublin office in July 2017, officially beginning operations in their fourth office, and on their third continent. The Dublin office will be the center of Affirma’s European operations, and joins Affirma’s flagship office in Bellevue, alongside offices in Los Angeles and Ahmedabad, India.

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Importance of Pre-Interview Screening

The Importance of Pre-Interview Screening The costs of poor hiring decisions can be devastating for a work place. In order to better operate a smooth and consistent working environment, as well as avoid toxic employees; recruiting  departments need to address questions of fit and compatibility with prospective hires. Proper and diligent use of pre-interview screenings

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Using LinkedIn to Achieve More Effective Candidate Sourcing

Social media plays a pivotal role in our daily lives and candidate sourcing is now a major part of that function. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is a place where professionals can gather to preview job candidates, update career progression, and fill job openings. There are many people who use LinkedIn effectively to make the

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