Best Practices for Your Candidate Sourcing

Many companies have a system for hiring that starts with popular career websites like Craigslist and Monster, for example. However, there are many companies that are back to the resume search in a few months time. Posting is just the beginning of candidate sourcing. If your company follows and integrates a clearer purpose and search

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Supplement your HR Hiring with a Staffing Service

You might be wondering, “why use staffing services if I have a HR hiring team?” A great business thrives on the right people, and staffing services can extend your HR resources to supercharge your hiring. Here are a few ways staffing services can supplement your HR hiring team. Industry Experts Conduct Interviews Affirma is unique

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A Quick Guide to Contracting vs Full-Time Hiring

At day’s end, the single most important metric that most businesses care about is profitability. This article will take a brief look at the costs and benefits associated with hiring a contractor versus bringing on a full-time employee to help determine which option might work best for your business.   Contracting   Pros: –          Hire

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