Mobile App Development Team Inspires “Waypoint M”

When two companies fuse into one, the details can get messy. One has all of its information stored in databases, and the other may have theirs stored elsewhere. Emails, contact info, customer relationship info, sales numbers – basically anything stored in a database can be easily lost in the process.

Affirma was able to collect all data from not two, not three, but nine separate food marketing companies (who then eventually adopted the name Waypoint) into one single app. On top of that, several companies involved in this large-scale merger survived on antiquated IT systems. The real challenge, however, was not in pooling different data sources together, but in creating an ultra-efficient way of accessing it.

One very successful corporate enterprise application Affirma built for Waypoint is called Waypointm. This mobile app is a user-friendly, easy-to-use tool for Waypoint employees that compiles all company data and displays it in clear ways that allows employees to take advantage of it.


Some of the many unique features of Waypointm include:

  • Barcode Scanning – users can aim their mobile camera at a food product with a barcode and within seconds receive all relevant information about that product.
  • Productive Geofencing – if a salesperson is meeting with a client on-premise, once that salesperson is close enough to the company’s facility, Waypointm will notify him or her of any key details related to that sales meeting.
  • Contact Access — Easily search an employee or customer name and get all relevant data to help users make informed business decisions.


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Affirma’s ability to tackle an assignment of this magnitude is testament to our ability to adapt in any kind of environment, taking a business challenge and turning it into an opportunity. However challenging your web or mobile application development needs may be, we at Affirma are here to help.

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