OneDrive Migration for Enterprise Social Media Client

OneDrive Migration for Enterprise Social Media Client

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Enterprise Social Media Client – OneDrive Migration


In a company-wide initiative to increase file security and improve organizational collaboration, a leading social media enterprise sought the assistance of Affirma to develop and execute a time-critical plan to migrate from Zoho to OneDrive for Business. The OneDrive solution was determined as a way to easily integrate with their existing Microsoft stack.

The client’s existing Zoho system had been poorly managed over time and led to corrupted files, empty documents, and legacy user data scattered throughout.

In addition to working with the disparate structure, the migration plan had to consider limitations by the Zoho server, client-server, and take place with minimal disruption to users. With the client facing a costly contract renewal, Affirma had to act quickly.


After carefully taking inventory of their existing files and architecture, Affirma determined that an existing tool would not be able to successfully undertake such a vital migration. Affirma’s Custom Software Development team stepped in to develop a unique tool that would programmatically power the migration. This provided the client the time and cost savings of using an automated tool, but with robust quality assurance tailored for their existing system.

The tool not only migrated everything from recycle bins to searchable document data, but kept the active-user architecture in place while creating an archive for inactive user data. In addition, rigorous file validation and logs ensured that missing files were addressed and sharing rules were also carried over.


The OneDrive migration went seamlessly. The client was emphatically satisfied with our solutions and execution, and is planning to migrate other systems. Best of all, the project was completed under budget and within the proposed timeline, saving the client the cost of their contract renewal and reducing end-user impact.

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