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Our network security assessment service ensures organizational compliance, safeguards your infrastructure, and reduces risk and liability.

Your thorough report will assign a risk score and financial liability amount to each category, helping you to determine and prioritize the risk areas to address in your organization. And for each area of concern, you’ll receive detailed recommendations and an action plan.

See all the traffic on your network and identify unauthorized machines, expired passwords, disabled antivirus software, and many more areas that can lead to vulnerabilities.

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Reduce costly risk by ensuring organizational policies are followed as well as HIPAA/PCI compliance. You’ll discover exact paths of where mishandled data lies across your organization.


Assess operating systems, applications, software, and servers that are exposed to data breaches from common occurrences like failed updates and uninstalled patches.


Our security assessment is one of the fastest and most detailed in its class. You’ll have a comprehensive report in a few days – not weeks – so your teams can take action immediately.

“Affirma’s team helped us track down a potential HIPAA violation, resulting from our own internal teams, and respond to it incredibly quickly. I am so pleased to work with a service provider that consistently goes above and beyond.”

– Consumer Direct Care

Get in touch with us today to schedule a comprehensive network assessment and analysis that can save your business from substantial risk and liability.

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