Mobile Application Connects Homeless to Donors

girl giving homelesss man apple after using the wecount appOne of our recent blog posts entitled
Making Community Engagement a Part of Our Culture, covered the value Affirma places on making a positive impact on the local community. One of the reasons why Affirma is such a unique company is our commitment to impact a wide variety of people and organizations – scaling from corporate managers, to mom-and-pop style small business owners, on down to the individual level. In many cases, our innovative tech solutions help create bridges between different groups of people across a wide demographic swath.

For example, we recently partnered with a non-profit called WeCount to combine our technical and creative expertise with our shared passion for community-goodwill. WeCount is a non-profit that acts as a liaison between those experiencing homelessness and need help and people on the other end of the spectrum who are willing to give. Donating money to people in need can sometimes be followed by uncertainty and questions about how much impact that money is actually having. Where exactly is that money going? Why can’t I see how my contribution is materializing? With the WeCount App, rather than simply transferring cash from one person to another, givers can offer items at various locations.  Those in need are able to register and search for items/list items they need, and when a match is found both parties are notified and a safe and effective transfer of the goods is arranged all through the application.

In addition to providing people experiencing homelessness with things like sleeping bags and toiletries, the WeCount App lets donors provide everyday things you might find in your home, separated into five categories: outdoor gear, home goods, personal care items, children’s needs and essential clothing.

Graphic of guy giving present through Wecount App Developing this dynamic, creative and technically proficient application helped create a valuable link between the homeless in our community and generous donors, while also establishing WeCount’s credibility as an up and coming non-profit. Learn more by checking out the King5 story on the impact WeCount is having on Seattle’s homeless population (

Having a knowledgeable web developer, iOS application developer or android application developer is a pivotal part of nearly all successful business models. To take advantage of Affirma’s experienced application developers, contact us by clicking here. In the case of WeCount – our technical expertise is actually helping improve the human condition, and as stated on their website, “Giving someone a backpack might not end homelessness, but it could start a conversation that secures social services and saves a life.” We are honored to play a role in helping bring that vision to life.

For more information on WeCount please go to: from any web-enabled device.


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