Data Mart Solution

Data Mart Solution


Data-mart-solutionKaiser Permanente, one of the nation’s largest managed health care firms, needed to implement data security measures under the Health and Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST). HITRUST is a certification framework that is used by organizations to securely create, access, store and exchange personal health and financial information.

Affirma was contracted to convert Kaiser’s prototype data security platform into a fully-functional Data mart solution that could monitor all of the organization’s highly sensitive data.


  • Converted a prototype of the data feed to a complete and fully functional .NET/SQL solution
  • Created a lightning-fast digital read-out that graphs all security events per minute, which can be scrolled through at the rate of 1 minute per second. This simple-to-read display allows users to identify any spikes in security issues quickly and easily.
  • Built a dynamic user interface that pulls from SQL every hour so that users of the Data mart solution have up-to-date information to use when monitoring and tracking their systems.
  • Guided Kaiser through the Data mart solution’s validation process and walked them through the solution’s deployment and implementation.


Kaiser Permanente was very pleased with the Data mart solution. Kaiser now has the ability to easily identify and monitor any security issues in their system, ranging from unauthorized network access attempts to improperly protected health information and blocked spam messages.

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