Healthcare BI

Healthcare BI



shutterstock_551611336TenEleven Group, a healthcare company specializing in behavior health, needed to better understand their current data bases. In order to analyze and interpret their internal information, TenEleven decided to construct a data warehouse to better manage their overlapping data bases. TenEleven did have their own internal team of developers, however, their team lacked experience with business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse construction. As a result, TenEleven experienced difficulties constructing the data warehouse on their own. TenEleven sought out Affirma to provide BI consultants who could help them with their healthcare BI needs.


  • Affirma’s BI team worked with TenEleven to complete construction of the data warehouse and begin its operation.
  • After the construction of TenEleven’s data warehouse, Affirma’s BI team assessed and reviewed the warehouse to ensure that it met industry best practices. Affirma’s BI team then resolved and corrected all design flaws and errors.
  • Affirma’s BI team educated TenEleven’s in-house team on the best practices for maintaining their data warehouse.


Affirma’s team of BI consultants reviewed, assessed and advised TenEleven on the construction of their data warehouse. After completing the warehouse, Affirma educated and counseled TenEleven’s in-house team on the best practices for maintaining their data warehouse. As a result, TenEleven now has a newly constructed data warehouse, and a freshly educated in-house team of developers. The consultation and work of Affirma’s BI team completely satisfied TenEleven’s healthcare BI requirements. TenEleven described Affirmas as “a consummate professional who not only has a deep technical knowledge of business intelligence, but also the patience to work alongside the user”.

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