Quintiles Business Intelligence

Quintiles Business Intelligence


quintilesQuintiles, a large scale CRO, approached Affirma with a set of unique challenges. Multiple business units had approached their IT innovations department with concerns that their current tools were unable to keep up with their large-scale data processing demands. Quintiles asked the Affirma team to discern critical areas for improvement and to implement the changes needed. Affirma identified several core challenges: integrating data contained in disparate locations, enhancing data processing speed and scalability, and optimizing their predictive analytic tools.


    • Utilizing .NET, SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2010 SP1, PowerPivot and PowerView, Affirma designed a package that addresses Quintiles’ primary pain points.
    • The solution involves the construction of an umbrella API dashboard to house a multitude of tools.
    • Without leaving the simple, intuitive dashboard interface, users can: access different data sources, display powerful visuals, identify the necessary attributes with an array of upgraded tools, and generate results to support high-impact business units.


Affirma’s custom solution not only increases the scalability of existing tools, it also saves users’ valuable time, and allows for widespread adoption by leveraging a user-friendly interface. The upgraded platform can support multiple business units simultaneously and will be deployable to 100+ project managers in the field for on-the-ground, real-time support.

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