AssuraCare Facial Recognition Application

AssuraCare Facial Recognition Application


Consumer Direct came to Affirma for an employee verification solution that would address several mission critical needs: counteract increasing fraud in the industry, improve convenience for caregivers using traditional, paper-based timesheets, improve wellness and preventing rehospitalization by making in-home care easier, and facilitating communication between all parties. The client stressed the importance of leveraging a random verification process with an algorithm that would produce reliable facial recognition.


    • Affirma engaged with Consumer Direct to create a user-friendly, custom .NET mobile application for the iPhone, Android and iPad.
    • Leveraged a random verification process with a unique algorithm that would produce reliable facial recognition.
    • Affirma created a time-tracking solution that combines third-party facial recognition, GPS tracking, data collection, and cloud storage to give mobile verification to the caregiver and recipient with over 95% accuracy.


Affirma’s custom solution facilitates on-site time submission and health data collection. It is built to allow for the inclusion of the newest types of biometric verification, integrating seamlessly with multiple backend accounting and payroll systems. With a multi-functional dashboard for viewing collected data and reports, Affirma’s custom solution cuts costs by preventing fraud and lowering the data-entry burden.

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