Drybar IT Environment Documentation

Drybar IT Environment Documentation

The Challenge

Drybar had a company looking to invest and needed help to update server infrastructure and database infrastructure with documentation for the upcoming investment meeting. This included network infrastructure diagrams/documentation and database schemas.

What We Did

Affirma partnered with Iconic Technologies to do an environment discovery and assessment, Ad Hoc Support, and technical environment documentation. Drybar wanted the project to be done within 2 weeks and we finished ahead of schedule.

The Result

Our infrastructure team completed the IT Environment Documentation project and Drybar was very pleased with the finished product, giving it a 10/10 experience. The positives Drybar described included our ability to work quickly along with our consistent and effective communication with their team. Drybar also praised our great resources and staff, highlighting the knowledge and experience that we brought to the table. They were also impressed with our ability to work without a lot of direction.

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