ELC in America Lync 2013

ELC in America Lync 2013

The Challenge

ELCEvangelical Lutheran Church of America needed to upgrade their aging landline phone system and had decided to go with Microsoft’s Lync to handle and run the new VOIP system.  Lync, a digital communication and messaging tool that users encounter with Office 365, doesn’t include a number of traditional components found in typical VOIP or landlines but the client wanted to keep those functions. The Requested functions included traditional phone handset interface for calls, enhanced 911 capabilities and voice response groups to ring multiple contacts simultaneously. Additionally, we were asked to install and configure a component which would allow all voicemails to be automatically sent to the designated recipients Microsoft Outlook inbox. The final requirement was to ensure the system could commit to a 99.9999% up time.

What We Did

  • Installed and configured a system which would allow for a handset interface component.
  • To handle the technical requirements and ensure the highest available up-time at 99.9999 we installed 3 front end servers, 2 edge servers and 2 Office web servers.
  • Installed and configured unified messaging capabilities which allowed seamless integration of voice mail delivered to outlook inboxes.
  • Configured Voice Response Group to handle call flows by pressing different numerical combination to reach departments or individuals and configured it with the option to ring multiple users or departments simultaneously.

The Result

Client was happy with full production deployment of the Lync communication suite. All of their specific requirements and requests were able to be included in final deployment. Currently, Affirma is still providing some support to help with transition from previous telecoms vendor in addition to including new systems enhancing the scalability of the system.

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