Lake Chelan Community Hospital Case Study

Lake Chelan Community Hospital Case Study


Lake Chelan Community Hospital (LCCH), a healthcare provider in North Central Washington, needed to move their email data from IPSwitch to Microsoft’s Office 365. LCCH’s existing email solution wLCCHas not compatible with Windows 10 and Office 2016, which caused disruptions for several staff members. LCCH wanted to keep its incumbent systems of CPSI and Barracuda Firewall, and use them in Mail Flow in Office 365. LCCH’s users would also need to continue to have access to their current email accounts during the migration to Office 365. Although LCCH would not need Affirma to migrate their data, they would need their Office 365 environment prepared for migration.


  • Affirma created a new Office 365 tenant, and then verified each of LCCH’s working domains. Affirma then updated the schematics of active directory to ensure that it would work with Office’s Exchange Online.
  • Affirma then installed and activated Azure Active Directory to synchronize their active directory user accounts into Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft’s tool IDfix was used to search for any possible issues with the Active Directory schematics. Once the users were synchronized, the users were then licensed with Office 365.
  • Affirma then set up connectors within Exchange Online to ensure that outgoing mail could continue to flow through LCCH’s CPSI set up. Upon completion, Affirma conducted rigorous testing to ensure that the connectors were successful.
  • Despite the large number of unknowns involving the exchange, Affirma worked to ensure that email communication continued to operate. LCCH’s users maintained access to all their emails, folders, contacts and calendar shares while setting up their new profiles in Office 365.
  • Finally, Affirma performed a final cut over on the Exchange Online. This was done to ensure that no more new emails would flow to LCCH’s previous IPSwitch server. Affirma then created a group policy that pushed internal users to their Office portals where they could access their emails.


Lake Chelan Community Hospital finished their consultation with a fully operation email exchange through Microsoft’s Office 365. This has benefited LCCH’s performance in many ways. Because all emails are now handled by Microsoft through the Office 365 cloud, LCCH can view their emails at any time, and without the need to periodically purge emails. LCCH can also rest assured that their emails are protected by Microsoft’s robust cloud security, and uptimes above 99.9%.Lake Chelan

Exchange Online requires no maintenance and is considered as a permanent solution. The ease of the email exchange has given LCCH’s IT department greater time and resources to pursue their own proactive projects. Lake Chelan Community Hospital finished the project emphatically satisfied with Affirma’s performance.


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