Moneytree IT Automation

Moneytree IT Automation

The Challenge

Money-TreeMoneytree is the premier provider of check cashing and payday loan services in the five western states in which it operates. In addition to these core services, Moneytree offers prepaid debit cards and gift cards, money orders, wire fund transfers through Western Union, and bill pay services.  Moneytree had over 20,000 consoles in their stores that they wanted to publish security certificates in order to help with login automation.   It was not practical to achieve this manually, so automation was in order.

What We Did

Affirma created automation scripts to update all consoles.  We ran a pilot in order to make sure the scripts would work effectively across the organization.  Affirma schedule and coordinated a rollout process to insure the success of this critical update.

The Result

The client was able to successfully navigate blocking issues for updating all 20,000 consoles in an automated manner for their organization.

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