Oberto – O365 Migration

Oberto – O365 Migration

The Challenge

ObertoOberto, a snack foods company, came to Affirma and with a need to update its aging, low availability, infrastructure to a more modern practice.  They had 3 lower capacity onpremises servers with no room for additional growth, yet they as an organization were looking towards growth in the near future. Similarly, they had no Instant Messaging/collaboration tool in place for employee’s to communicate and collaborate with one another. Oberto needed a comprehensive solution which would allow them flexible growth plans, high server availability, and a dynamic instant communication tool for cohesive communication.

What We Did

Moved all users to the cloud for Exchange and Lync, which increased server reliability and user storage capacity from under 1 GB to 50 GB, and deployed login services for a SSO experience.

The Result

All existing users across the organization were moved to Office 365’s flexible cloud based solution, increasing availability and storage for users.  Similarly, the added function of Lync addressed the need for an collaboration and instant messaging tool. Oberto is currently in the process of growing and will be able to easily add new users and content to fit their needs.

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