Bryant Christie, Inc. – Marketing Automation & Support

Bryant Christie, Inc. – Marketing Automation & Support

BCI helps companies and organizations open, access and expand international markets by focusing on the agricultural, food and beverage sectors. One of the ways they do so is via their subscription-based online database that keeps people informed of pesticide maximum residue level tolerances for markets around the world. BCI was in need of more automation and marketing strategies to generate, manage and convert leads as well as provision and manage subscriptions.

Affirma worked with BCI’s key stakeholders during a two-day workshop to evaluate existing strategies and platforms in order to recommend a more streamlined approach; created a strategic marketing plan to drive sales and implemented a new marketing automation platform. The Affirma team also created and deployed an initial campaign to target trial users.

The result is BCI not only has fewer platforms to manage their sales and marketing activities, but Affirma integrated and built a custom dashboard to help them manage their platforms. Their marketing campaigns are now automated and based on engagement, so they can focus on prospects that are further along in the buyer journey. All of these improvements have helped BCI reduce redundancies and increase efficiencies.

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