Recorded Books – Salesforce/HubSpot Implementation

Recorded Books – Salesforce/HubSpot Implementation

Recorded Books Salesforce and Marketing Reporting


The Issue:

Recorded Books, a global publishing company, needed help implementing and integrating their customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platforms. Recorded Books needed assistance managing their Salesforce and HubSpot operations, as well as integrating the two to ensure that leads passed directly between the two platforms.

What we did:

  • Affirma performed administrator and end user training for HubSpot. This included campaign management and design configurations.
  • Affirma established user permissions, provisioning and report development for Recorded Books’ Salesforce account.
  • Affirma performed system maintenance, managed forms, and completed additional development and administrative tasks as needed.

The Result:

Recorded Books completed their consultation with full control and command of their Salesforce and HubSpot accounts. Recorded Books is now able to monitor, nurture and maximize leads that they generate through their CRM and marketing automation platforms.

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