Sykes – Salesforce and Marketing Automation

Sykes – Salesforce and Marketing Automation

The Issue:

A leader in enterprise business process outsourcing (BPO), SYKES came to Affirma for support in redesigning their marketing/sales processes and technology. SYKES has a long, complex sales process involving diverse stakeholder groups and in-depth sales support.

What We Did:

Affirma facilitated the discovery and planning process across a large group of stakeholders including Sales, Account Management, Marketing, Operations, and Executive Leadership.

  • Our team identified significant opportunities for improvement across their Salesforce environment, and their marketing and sales process.
  • Affirma produced comprehensive recommendations to improve core processes and re-implement Salesforce.
  • Our team built an entirely new Salesforce solution in the new Lightning experience. We helped drastically simplify the user interface and user experience, and enhanced built automation throughout the environment.

The Result:

The solution is fully deployed to their sales and executive teams worldwide with much stronger user adoption, improved organizational communication and sales efficiency.

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