Aegis Living Design

Aegis Living Design


08.23.13-Aegis-Living-Home-e1432934387252Aegis Living, a west coast based retirement community, came to Affirma with an existing system document library that needed updating. The current system was only partially online and not available outside the internal network. The library contained thousands of documents but had no search function, requiring the user to scroll through manually to find the desired content. The challenge presented to Affirma was to upgrade the system into an easy-to-use, functional solution.


  • Pull together a team to assess a program that would be flexible, affordable, and fast to implement.
  • Recommend a SharePoint web-based system that leverages Active Directory Windows Authentication to make the database accessible through an external network with a password.
  • Design a site prototype using SharePoint Intranet wireframes and design comps.


Affirma delivered a concise web design to Aegis that was user friendly and accessible from outside of the local network, with better organization and a keyword-based search function.

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