AFEX SharePoint Intranet

AFEX SharePoint Intranet


AFEX, a global payment and risk management specialist, needed to create a new consolidated intranet. AFEX wanted to bring together workflows, and reports previously scattered across multiple SharePoint farms with different versions and user interfaces. They also wanted to streamline communication and collaboration across the organization.AFEX

AFEX selected Affirma to build a single unified intranet on SharePoint 2016 with an inviting, friendly user interface that conveys the message that AFEX is a single company. The new intranet would also express the company culture and make it easier for users to find people and contact them.

The top goals and objectives for the project were to improve communication and employee engagement, foster and promote company culture, build community, automate business processes and provide general company information.


  • Affirma first completed all scoping and initial assessments. This included all requirements gathering through discovery sessions jointly held between Affirma’s SharePoint and Creative teams.
  • A technical approach document, along with wireframes and full visual compositions were also created.
  • After discovery and design were completed, Affirma implemented an all-new SharePoint 2016 intranet focused on providing superior user experience, improving communications, and promoting a unified AFEX company culture.
  • A series of master pages provided elements common to each page within the intranet. These elements were logo, global navigation, search and a footer.
  • Functional elements were built into the home page to foster a unified AFEX culture. These included a carousel of four featured stories, quick links, and news and announcements. Department sites were also built off the same template for unified culture.
  • A fully inclusive staff directory was created. The directory allowed users to search for members of the organization by name, location or department. Users could also search by related terms such as title or team.
  • Several different workflows were built for AFEX’s SharePoint 2016 intranet. These workflows such as bank recon, or marketing request, were created to simplify and optimize AFEX’s businesses processes.
  • Content, reports, workflows were then migrated from multiple old SharePoint farms to the new SharePoint 2016 intranet and integrated into the new design.


AFEX completed their consultative project with a newly designed, fully functional SharePoint 2016 intranet. The new intranet has contributed to a greater collaboration, communication and company culture among AFEX’s team. Along with a stronger sense of company community, AFEX’s new intranet also increased their efficiency with automated workflows and other business processes.


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