Allegro Pediatrics Office 365 SharePoint

Allegro Pediatrics Office 365 SharePoint


Allegro Pediatrics, a children’s medical care provider in Western Washington, needed to create and customize a new SharePoint Microsoft Office 365 portal. The new portal would replace Allegro Pediatrics’ existing intranet application. Allegro Pediatrics hoped that an improved site design and experience would lead to greater use of the portal among employees. It was their intent that the new SharePoint portal would be structured per best practices, with an ability to organize and host content in a manner that provided visually appealing components to grab and draw users’ attention while also leveraging “Out-of-the-box” SharePoint technology to host and maintain content through lists and other common features.

Allegro Pediatrics also wanted their new user interface to maximize user adoption and better represent the company brand, using styling similar to their external-facing website. Allegro Pediatrics intended for the new SharePoint design to promote and facilitate collaboration on many different types of internal documentation and content throughout the organization. Allegro Pediatrics contracted with Affirma Consulting to design, develop and implement a new SharePoint portal. Allegro


  • Affirma began with a thorough planning phase. Within this phase, Affirma developed wireframes and visual designs. Upon client approval, Affirma progressed to Master page development. Both wireframes and visual compositions went through several iterations to meet Allegro Pediatrics’ exact specifications.
  • As part of their Master page development, Affirma developed the page layout and development of individual pages. As part of page development, Affirma also created all customized features for each page. Affirma’s developers used HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and REST to create different branding features. Overall functionality of the SharePoint was maintained, while improving the look and feel of the site collection. Upon completion of their initial page developments, Affirma conducted an internal Q&A before progressing to a Client UAT.
  • As part of the UAT phase, Allegro Pediatrics was given the opportunity to test and use the newly created sites. Within this phase, Affirma found and fixed any development “bugs”.
  • Affirma finished the consultation with the final deployment. Allegro Pediatrics accepted the build and development of the new sites, and Affirma also trained the designated SharePoint administrator to complete the build-out of other customized sites, leveraging all techniques initially developed by the Affirma team. Affirma completed the consultation with the delivery of administrative documentation that allowed Allegro Pediatrics to proceed with internal user training and preparation for launch.


Allegro Pediatrics completed their consultation with a newly designed and branded Office 365 SharePoint. Team sites and department sites were redesigned to encourage usage among the organization. Customized features such as a uniform footer, search capabilities, media content hosting, and a rotating news and clinic announcement banner all direct users to greater engagement with the SharePoint sites. Further customized features include an employee spotlight, mobile responsiveness, public forums, social media feeds, and an organization directory. Allegro Pediatrics’ consultation met all the project goals. User adoption was increased, and Allegro Pediatrics’ brand was better represented by the newly designed SharePoint.

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