Fisher Onboarding Portal

Fisher Onboarding Portal

The Challenge

Fisher Onboarding PortalFisher Communications HR on-boarding process was labor intensive, inconsistent and tedious for employees. The HR department needed to automate the new-hire onboarding process while effectively conveying Fisher’s company culture.

What We Did

We created a new-hire workflow on top of SharePoint using a high-gloss user interface, complete with animation and custom forms for data collection. We leveraged many types of media, interactivity and technology to create an engaging orientation process for Fisher’s new hires.

The Result

The resulting HR portal streamlined the new-hire onboarding process. This dramatically reduced the time and costs associated with onboarding new-hires, while simultaneously providing a fun user experience and conveying the amazing company culture. Form and process automation eliminated costly onboarding steps, allowing HR to focus on critical functions like retention and policy.

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