Microsoft Consumer and Online Group – SharePoint 2010 Migration

Microsoft Consumer and Online Group – SharePoint 2010 Migration


Microsoft Consumer and Online GroupMicrosoft Consumer and Online Group needed a centralized place to manage Microsoft’s entire consumer-facing plans. They were concerned about growing support costs and also wanted a highly functional site with a design that would be representative of their new strategic direction.

Frustrated with prior vendor engagements, C&O asked Affirma for expert SharePoint consulting and for help with their SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 migration.


  • Affirma created a new Silverlight-based interactive experience feeding dynamically off of SharePoint list data; we also architected and structured information to optimize users’ ability to find what they need quickly to get work done.
  • We focused on improving User Experience and Design by creating an elegant interface to surface information in a unique and interactive way.
  • Enterprise Social Media– Employee profiles were surfaced via Bing Maps to create an effective, contextually relevant enterprise social media experience.


Affirma focused on Design, Interactivity and User Experience in this SharePoint Consulting project. The resulting site was consistent with the division’s new strategic direction, provided an engaging experience for end-users, was seamlessly integrated with SharePoint 2010 and ultimately achieved the business goal of lowered support costs. The client was very pleased with their new portal.

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