MS Services Portal

MS Services Portal


msserviceportalMicrosoft Services division approached us with a challenge to architect a semi-customized intranet portal. They requested a custom visual design and several unique workflows which would assist in the automation for several in-house processes. However, Microsoft Services division requested Affirma keep closer to an out-of-the-box version of SharePoint.


  • Affirma’s SharePoint subject matter experts devised a way to implement custom work flows for automated document processing.
  • Maintained a degree of standard out-of-box product with minor adjustments, reducing development time and sustaining pricing level over the entire engagement.
  • Utilized Affirma’s creative arm, Affirma Studios, to produce a visually unique and easy-to-navigate design.


Due to its intuitive design and engaging interface, Microsoft Services division was able to begin utilizing the portal immediately upon deployment. Upper management at Microsoft Services was highly satisfied by Affirma’s visual customization of the intranet and by our ability to implement the requested unique document processing workflows.

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