RYSE: Son of Rome

RYSE: Son of Rome


Ryse-ImageMicrosoft came to Affirma with separate pieces of information for a graphic novel that needed to be brought together. Microsoft gave Affirma pieces of sound and animation, as well as art from IDW. We were then challenged to develop a new technology to successfully combine third party assets and integrate them into the interactive graphic novel.


  • Built a back-end infrastructure for PC and tablet format in a way that can be reused efficiently for future novel issues and projects.
    Assimilated third party assets seamlessly into one completed product.
  • Created a Lite version which was stripped of animation and sound, which made it accessible to devices that lacked the hardware to run the full version.


Affirma successfully built the graphic novel, which Microsoft released on its Xbox website. The project lead to the production of more issues of the graphic novel, as well as potential for more business with Xbox.

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